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Urban Glamping

I created the plans and executed construction for an urban glamping experience in Los Angeles, California. The site was built to be a luxury experience that gave guests the comforts and amenities of a spa and resort, while still delivering a rustic, nature focused experience. It offered amenities beyond that of most glamping facilities, such as air conditioning in the tent, indoor lounge with a fully private restroom and more.

Los Angeles, CA

I drew up the plans for the site, oversaw the construction and designed the guest experience. I also took all the photos, video, built the branding, designed the website and social media channels. My portfolio is available upon request. 

On Site Amenities:

  • Luxury Glamping Tent

  • Jacuzzi

  • Fire Pit

  • Koi Pond

  • Treehouse Sauna

  • Ice Bath

  • Outdoor Dining Space

  • Hammock

  • Indoor Lounge

  • Private Bathroom

To Collaborate on a project, please inquire below

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